If you are a retailer with a brick and mortar store on the Canadian west coast or central Canada, please contact At this time we will not be accepting ECommerce, and cannot sell to the public. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

Yes we accept returns from local accounts. When recieving a delivery, please give the driver your return along with the supporting paperwork. Please note there is a restocking fee, and we do not accept Frozen returns.
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Local lower mainland deliveries have a minimum purchase amount of $750 for free delivery.
All other areas have different minimums. Please Click Here for more information.

Yes! There is no minimum for pick up. Please leave a note in the "notes section" (Same area as you would input the promo code) Letting us know you plan to pick up-- and if able to the day. We need 24 hours to process your order.

Rest assured your card information has not been entered into our website. You will not be charged until you have received your order. This is just a general message that will show. There are different shipping minimums for free shipping depending on where in Canada you are located, therefore we just like to remind people if they did not meet the minimum there is a freight charge.


I'm trying to put items in my cart but I am receiving an error message.

The error occurs when more than what we have in stock is attempted to be added to your cart. However, all the stock we have will be added to your cart.

First check to make sure you have updated your browser to the most recent update.

If you are using a Mac/apple products to access the website-  Make sure you have completed all the updates. If the software is too old and updates cannot be done, unfortunately there will be issues sending in orders. Please try again on a different computer.

As of right now orders are browser based, and not account based. What this means is if you start on one device and go to another, the order is still on the first device and does not transfer to another. You will be unable to save your order then use a different device. 

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